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 RCC Device / Lock-up RCC Device

The RCC Device is designed to perform remote compliance functions, incorporating durable, yet flexible rubber mount elements. The device, which is installed between the robot arm (or other automated assembly equipment) and the gripper, simplifies assembly because the device corrects lateral, cocking (diagonal) and/or torsional positional misaligment. The device reduces the number of assembly defects and lost time due to misalignment, and helps prevent equipment damage. The result is improved product quality and manufacturing productivity.


How the Remote Center Compliance (RCC) Works

The idea of Remote Center Compliance was developed at the Charles Stark Draper Research Laboratory of M.I.T. (Massachusetts, U.S.A.) in 1977. 
The following explanation, with sketches below, describes how an assembly or insertion takes place when an RCC is used.

(a) Lateral error in position between the hole and shaft exerts a horizontal force on the leading end of the shaft as a result of the chamfer.
(b) Acting approximately through the center of compliance, the horizontal force causes the shaft to translate laterally into the hole, permitting easy insertion.
c) Now, let's suppose the axis of the hole is not parallel with the axis of the shaft.
(d) Positioning itself laterally, the shaft will enter the hole. However, the leading edge will contact one side of the hole and the edge of the leading hole will contact the other side of the shaft, thus causing a moment. Rotation about the compliant center will allow the shaft to line up with the hole and be easily inserted.
(e) By combining the two modes of freedom a usefully compliant device has been developed. 


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